Got an email a couple weeks ago asking what skincare products I use, thought it would be suiting to make a post about my must-have travel essentials since I’m on the road right now.

I have by no means perfect skin, but these products works for me and the skin type I have.
I always pack travel sized bottles with me, that way I can bring it on the plane.

  • Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream – keeps my under eye bags hydrated and reduced.
  • Dermalogica multi active toner – I use this before applying my face cream. Makes me feel hydrated and refreshed, sometimes I even use this by itself.
  • Loccitane foot cream – this one is really thick and meant for your feet obviously, but it works for dry skin too! Perfect on travel days when it feels like my hands are falling off due to the dry plane air.
  • Clarins instant light natural lip perfector – this one I’m addicted to all day, erry’ day! It´s not sticky like most lip glosses, it just feels (and looks) nice. Tip; I always buy a new package at the dutyfree store so I have spare ones in case I run out.
  • Fuzzy socks – not a beauty product.. but definitely essential in my carry-on bag. I tend to freeze my ass off on airplanes so I´ve learned my lesson to change in to warm and comfortable clothes before falling asleep.
  • Tempur eye mask – I recently got this (stole from boyfriend) and it seriously has made me sleep so much longer than I usually do on airplanes. Either eye mask works fine, but this one really blocks out every glimpse of light.
  • Kiko frequent flyer facemask – I don´t always use this, but whenever I feel dry on long flights I take the time to hydrate my skin for 15/20 minutes.

Hope this was helpful to some of you. Would love to hear what essentials you guys appreciate on long flights.
Btw, I still haven´t found a way to prevent my my hair from getting super dry when I´m traveling. Please share any wonder products that will make my hair smooooth and shiny again!


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  1. Bildet er lånt fra Weheartit appen så det kan jeg dessverre ikke svare på.. Men jeg har noen lignende selv, de kommer fra en gullsmed butikk her i Bergen. Vil tro du kan få kjøpt i de fleste smykke forretninger ?

  2. Aloe first hjelper meg når jeg reiser ? Dette er en aloe vera og urte spray. I tillegg til den store flasken man kjøper, så får man kjøpt en mindre flaske som man kan ha med seg inn på flyet og da bruker jeg den både i håret og i ansiktet. Dette har reddet mange av mine turer.

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