Happy saturday party people? I sure did party last night, my head was about to explode this morning.. We had a get-together with friends last night which ended up in a karaoke taxi and a night out, haha yaas!
Even though my hangover is severe, the weather today is just too good to waste in bed so I met up with some friends at a café.
Godt Brødt Muséplassen, very much recommended! Such a nice place to enjoy the view if you´re ever in Bergen.

Couldn´t resist uploading this picture with the dog/(h*e) filter haha. I came over this teddy coat the other day and I literally feel like a 5.7 feet tall poodle, but it´s so warm and comfy in this chilly weather so whateverrr.

Now I´m off to another night filled with wine and friends, enjoy your saturday night!


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