In collaboration with POWER

My hair looks like Gygrid´s from Harry Potter when leaving it out natural, not cute..
It takes a lot of time and effort to fix my hair which is annoying, but using good styling tools definitely helps with reducing the frustration.
I´m excited to team up with POWER´s own brand NOOA for this collaboration. I´ve been using their products for quite some time now and I´m very happy!

Blow dryer
I didn´t know there was a heaven and hell in the blow dryer world, but it sure puts my old one to shame. This one by NOOA dries my thick hair in two seconds and smooths out all the frizz I usually get.
I part my hair in to sections and turn the heat up as well as the ION-function, by doing so it straightens my hair almost perfectly. When all sections are dry I turn off the heat and go over my entire hair with cold air, this trick will make your hair shine!
Fun fact; this blow dryer won a contest for being hairdressers favorite in 2016!

ION hairbrush
A good hairbrush that gets even better when you turn on the ION-effect, it will make your hair less static which I believe we all struggle with on this time of the year.

Curling/straightening iron
Why haven´t anyone else thought of having two in one before? It´s genius! For frequent travelers like me, this definitely comes in handy as space is often an issue when living in a suitcase. You just choose what setting and temperature you prefer and voilá, you´ve got perfect straight or curled hair – easy as that! The creatine-ceramic coating makes your hair stay healthy and glossy!I´m a big fan of having my hair straight, but nothing beats perfect beach waves! I´m practicing my skills for party season so I can wave my hair back and forth.

Straightening brush
I´ll be honest, I wasn´t convinced when hearing about the straightening brush since I´m such an addict of a regular straightening iron, but I have to admit that I´m surprised. Usually, I spend 20-30 minutes on getting my hair straight, but blow drying it first and then quickly run the straightening brush through leaves me with a better result as if I would have done it the old way.
After using it a couple times I´ve learned that having the brush faced upward (opposite direction of how you normally would brush your hair) will give you the best result.

As promised there´s a BIG giveaway contest for three lucky winners! Head to my Instagram and follow three simple steps, winners will be announced on november 30th!


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