In collaboration with Desenio

I´ve been debating for some time whether I should keep the walls plane or decorate them with pictures, and I´ve come to an conclusion after hanging these pictures up, I need more!
The ones I chose fit perfectly in all the boring corners that has been empty since we moved in, and what´s better than a wine guide right next to the wine cabinet and cooking stove? A nice reminder to enjoy some antioxidants now and then..
I ordered both the poster and the frame from Desenio and a couple days later it´s up on the kitchen wall.

A tropical corner with green marble and gold sounds pretty hot to me, just put the convector right next to it and bam you´re in paradise! I paired the tropical poster together with triangle gold in both gold frames, it turned out to be the icing on the cake at the office, so happy with all the posters I picked that I´m actually waiting for more to arrive.

I highly suggest checking out Desenio if you´re looking for affordable wall art that looks good with your interior, they have the biggest selection of posters and frames that I´ve ever seen!
If you find something you like use the code “VIPMAREN” to get 40% off your purchase from Desenio, exclusive only this black friday week from november 21st – 23rd (the VIP code does not include handpicked collaboration posters or frames).

My true and honest opinion, I hope you know that I would never promote something I don´t like or wear myself.


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  1. I love the combination of colours you have here. The black/rose gold combo is one of my favourites. Or at least it looks like rose gold, it could be the lighting! Either way, it looks fab! ? x

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