Ah New York, New York – always a pleasure! I´ve been there a couple times before and every trip has been amazing, if you haven´t been already you have to book your tickets asap! New York is crowded with people all year around so I recommend that you plan some activities in advance.

– Most airlines fly to New York so I won´t say to much about that. Tickets can actually be pretty affordable if you buy them when there´s a campaign going on, I recommend checking different airlines for discounts.
– New York has several airports, but they´re all approximately 30 minutes away from the city centre.
– Drop uber, yellow cabs are way quicker when they are available everywhere. Underground is probably even more faster, but I don´t have much experience to share..

– I´ve stayed in different hotels every time, and even in my friend´s apartments so I don´t have one specific hotel that I recommend. You should pick a hotel that´s close to the activities you´ve got planned. When I was visiting for the first time I stayed really close to Time Square, now being back for the fourth time I absolutely recommend staying in Soho.

You´ll find everything from Zara to Chanel in Soho, I wouldn´t shop anywhere else.
– Aritzia, love to visit this store when I´m abroad. They have nice jeans, faux leather pants, tops, coats etc.
– Intermix, not a store you´ll buy all your clothes in (at least not for a minimalist like me) but you can definitely find some fun party outfits.


– Bo Cha Phe is a hot spot for trendy people, they have the sickest avocado toast, acai bowls and a great lunch menu in general. Not super cozy, but definitely a place to go and grab lunch.
– The Mercer Kitchen is another hot spot, located close to all the shops in Soho which is convenient $$.
– Palma, a tiny Italian restaurant that is perfect for dinner dates. It´s located on Bleecker and Cornelia st which is an area worth exploring before/after having dinner.
– Cipriani, the legendary restaurant that has locations everywhere, and several in New York. We went to the one in downtown, food is always delicious, but this one wasn´t very cozy so I recommend trying out another location.
– Delicatessen, I haven´t been here in ages but I remember it being super delicious (burgers and fries) and a fun place to eat with friends.

Tourist attractions:
If you haven´t been to New York before it´s mandatory that you do some sightseeing.

– Empire state, buy tickets beforehand as the line tend to get pretty long throughout the day. Great for picture taking and an amazing view over the city.
– Flatiron Building, an iconic building that is worth seeing. After that, sit down in Madison Square Park and eat Shake Shack (fastfood) under all the pretty lights.
– Statue of Liberty, buy tickets in advance and go early in the morning, tip; pack warm clothes..
– Central Park is nice for a walk in the park or having picnic during summer. Try to get a table at The Boathouse for lunch or dinner (walk in only), preferably by the water, iconic and CUTE!
– The Rockefeller Center, you have to go iceskating here if you´re going to New York for christmas, it also has a great view!
– Time Square, not much to see here other than lots of people and tons of big TV screens.
– Brooklyn bridge, buy a cup of hot chocolate and walk over the bridge to get a nice view of the skyline.

I´m sure I forgot to mention a million things so please share tips for places to eat/visit that I didn´t mention.


Photos: Johannes Lovund

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