Jaa, da har jeg endelig fått fingen ut av r*ven og ordnet meg Facebook side og Snapchat. Følg med hvis du er interessert i et lite innblikk i det som skjer utenom bloggen.

Ses der!

Link til Facebook siden min HER

Link til Instagram kontoen min HER

Snapchat navn: m.platou

Due to my blog-transition I have finally made an official Facebook page and Snapchat account. Tag along and follow me if you are interested in a little “behind the blog scene”.

See you there!

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  1. Hei.
    Har du noen London-tips? Reiser dit om et par uker, og på Google er det for mye info 😛 Steder å shoppe, spise, drikke, danse.. ting man må se osv 🙂

    • Hei! Oxford street og Kensington rd er de “berømte” shoppe gatene, men om du er på utkikk etter shopping i noe roligere strøk så anbefaler jeg Soho (mitt favoritt område). Her ligger det også mange gode restauranter og cafér. Ellers anbefaler jeg Nac restauranten i Mayfair hvis du er keen på god vin og diverse retter man deler på (liten og fancy, husk å reserver bord). Når det kommer til sightseeing i London er jeg ingen ekspert, men lei sykkel og dra til slottet osv.
      God tur!

  2. i wrote to you in a message on your Facebook-page but I don’t know if you read it . But I wondered about some tips of what to do in your beautiful hometown Bergen , I was there once , just I quick visit over one night , I think two or three years ago for bergenfest. And I love to go there again . Congratulations on everything with your blog , and thanks for all your inspiration! /m

    • Hi! Ah I’ve been procrastinating on writing a city guide on Bergen for so long, not exactly easy to tell you guys what to explore since I’m so used to everything.. Anyways, here are a few tips:
      – To do: definitely visit during the summer and hope for sunshine as Bergen is known for it’s rain.. Hike up Fløyen and buy an ice cream at the top while you’re enjoying the view (bring your camera, typical tourist spot).
      – If you’re up for something more challenging I can guarantee a nice workout walking up Ulriken, 1-2 hour walk (wear workout clothes), or if you’re more on the lazy side you can take the cablecar, it’s also a really nice restaurant at the top (a bit expensive).
      – Picnic at Nordnes parken never fails, can be a bit windy so bring a jacket.
      – Walk at the “famous” Bryggen and enjoy a beer at one of the restaurants outside.
      – Check if there’s any fun concerts going on while you’re here, always fun to go out.

      – Olivia Zachariasbryggen, italian.
      – Bien snackbar Danmarksplass, burgers.
      – Big Horn steakhouse, meat.
      – Sumo, sushi.
      – Zupperia, soups (cheap).
      – Godt Brød Muséplassen, café.
      – Pygmalion, café.
      – No stress, bar.
      – Magda, bar.
      – Parken, nightclub.
      – Villa blanca, nightclub.
      – Heidi´s, nightclub (young).

      – Bergen taxi, number (+47)07000
      – Light rail around the city centre and to the airport

      – Høyer
      – Tiger
      – Retro
      – Weekday
      – Vrimmel
      – Pepper
      – Ganni
      – Galleriet, shopping mall
      – Sundt huset, shopping mall

      – Something in the city centre and you’ll be in walking distance to everything mentioned above.

      Hope this was to any help, enjoy your trip!

      • Thank you so so much for your answer ! So kind of you 🙂 i think i spotted you when I was at Bergenfest (kygo hotel k, Hugh fan btw ?) and you are so stylish and beautiful . I look forward to come again . I’m grateful to tag along on your trips 😉 I haven’t traveled for a while , just gave birth to a baby boy . But now we are in Spain so greetings from us and have a great valentine ! / Jennifer 23 from Sweden

  3. Oh haha IM such a liar ? wrote the wrong age haha . (IM 24 soon 25)why do I think I’m still 23 ??;) sorry not important haha but thanks again . Love your blog .

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