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Seriously, who else struggles with finding a pair of winter boots that looks both cute and cool while keeping you warm?
I´ve been searching for mine for ages and I finally found them!

Last year I walked around in sneakers all season which was stupid (yes mom..) but this year I´m prepared for cold winter nights, let it snow, let it snow, let it snoow! These are perfect for both city strolling and mountain hikes which is exactly what I needed.
They come in a various amount of colors and fabrics, but I fell in love with my light grey Diemme´s in wool. I love that I can style them together with pretty much every outfit, black leather leggings or a simple jean and a warm coat.

You can find them online here or stop by the fancy Autrement store if you´re in Bergen, very much recommended! Hold tight on your wallet while entering this store otherwise you will end up with too many shopping bags. Bergen doesn´t exactly provide us with many high-end stores, but if you´re ever on the lookout for Valentino´s, a Self-Portrait dress or Acne knits this is the place to go, today´s tip for those of you living around the area! I´m definitely heading back there, maybe for my new year´s eve outfit..

What pair of winter boots are you wearing this season?

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