I´m listed as “This Weeks Blogger” at Nouw, such an honor and so much fun that many of you are stopping by my blog! Due to this I did an interview with their magazine on monday so I thought I would translate some of the Q & A´s for those of you who don´t understand norwegian, and maybe I´ll do my own Q&A one day where you guys can ask questions..

  • What´s your best tip for taking a good picture?
    Set a plan for how you want your picture to turn out before getting started, make sure the lighting is good, take many and from different angles and lastly, edit your favorite pictures if necessary.
  • What do you prefer doing on a saturday night?
    Depends on what mood I´m in. I either lay on the couch all night in my sweats orrr I put on a cool outfit and pour my self a glass of wine (or five) with some friends.

  • What other bloggers do find inspiring?
    I´ve had the same three favorites since I probably was 16 years old and I still check in with with them every day. Negin Mirsalehi , Sincerly Jules and Song of style , those girls are killing it in this industry! Blows my mind on how far you can get by just starting out alone behind a computer screen..
  • What three things are on your wishlist right now?
    Probably a new phone that don´t break by me just touching it.. A new pair of cool winter boots and a black coat.
  • What can we expect to see more of on your blog?
    I love sharing beautiful pictures from my travels so definitely more of that the upcoming months, other than that I try to share posts about fashion and interior trends that I like.

I love getting your feedback and reading all the comments so thank you, please continue doing so and I will answer your questions in the comment section below, or in a blogpost if there´s anything you want to see more off.

Enough about me, have an awesome weekend!


Photos: Johannes Lovund

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