Sunsets in Bali

I´ve had two amazing days so far and I never want to leave! We decided to do some sightseeing rather than tanning since we´re only here for a couple of days. On wednesday we met up with some friends in Uluwatu to surf at a beach called Padang Padang. It was an adventure itself to…

Off to Bali

Can´t wait to explore Bali and all the other places I´ll be visiting for the next two weeks! Will keep you guys updated once I arrive. Photo: Johannes Lovund

Ibiza guide

Travel: Book your flight tickets in advance as it will get pricey before summer hits. I recommend flying with KLM through Amsterdam as they seem to (almost) always be on time. Despite their punctuality your luggage might get stuck in transit, but unfortunately this is quite common in Ibiza, regardless which airline you´re traveling with….

Weekend snapshots

Been hiking a lot this weekend. It's so nice to just walk and hit pause for a second, especially after a busy summer. Fresh air and some silence definitely helps with clearing the mind, try it! Xx


Today I´m just being lazy at home, there´s been so much going on lately so I really needed a day off. Went shopping for my mom´s birthday gift earlier and I wore something like this. Just a chill knit paired with black boots and a denim skirt, perfect on days when the weather is a…

Turn it up

My favorite summer tunes that has been played on repeat for weeks! A very random playlist, but honestly I pretty much enjoy listening to every genre, depending on what mood I´m in. These songs always puts me in a good mood, whether it´s when I´m traveling, tanning or having a night out. Have a listen! ?…


If you haven´t been to Formentera already you have to go! 30 minute boat ride from old town and you´ll experience the most incredible turquiose water, beautiful beaches, great restaurants and much more! It is truly the closest you´ll get to the Maldives in Europe. Stay tuned for travel tips to Formentera! Xx Photos: Johannes Lovund​